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Hi. We are Azores Hive.

Our Company

Azores Hive is a tech consultancy services company based in the Azores – Portugal delivering digital services to the world, established in 2021 by  AMT Consulting and the Bensaude Group, in local academia partnership with UAc and ENTA. Our mission is to  develop, implement and support cloud solutions using cutting-edge technology from SAP and on the low-code platform OutSystems.

At Azores Hive, we prioritize the retention of national and international talent in the Azores, which, due to its quality of living, attracts worldwide talented professionals looking for a healthy lifestyle and perfect Work-Life Balance.

The unwavering stability and exceptional resilience of the Bensaude Group combined with 18 years of experience in implementing innovative projects by AMT Consulting, are the perfect combination to create a benchmark company able to delivery high quality digital solutions worldwide.

Our continuous search for talented professionals is a cornerstone of our approach. The recruitment and selection process unfolds in three stages: phone validation, an interview with HR, and an interview with the manager overseeing each area.

Following the final decision, successful candidates will enter a comprehensive training phase (Academies) focused on Outsystems, Tech, and SuccessFactors domains.

We welcome applications for the Junior Consultant position from recent graduates or Masters in Computer Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computing, or related fields, as well as Management, Economics, Engineering, Psychology, or equivalent areas. Join our dynamic team and be part of our continuous growth.

Azores Hive Managers

Salif Faustino

Salif Faustino

Manager OutSystems

Over the last 4 years, I have immersed myself in Software Engineering, dealing with a variety of projects and managing technical teams across different sectors. This experience has deepened my understanding of application life cycles and the needs of those involved, turning my career into a way to contribute to society. I value proactivity, flexibility, logical reasoning, teamwork, and problem-solving, with a strong commitment to professional integrity and loyalty..
Fun Fact: I maintain a continuous interest in creating digital content about programming, mathematics, and cooking, sharing knowledge and collaborating for the development of the community.


Simão Campos

Manager TECH

Since 2021, I have been part of Azores Hive, creating bridges between Cloud and/or onPrem systems using SAP technologies. The challenge as the Manager of the TECH area (development and integrations) is to make HIVE a reference at both national and international levels.
Fun Fact: Besides technology, I play futsal and have recently developed a taste for refereeing.

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Filipe Amaral

Manager Success Factors

In the SAP world for about 3 years, I've had the chance to work on SAP cloud systems around the globe. The versatility of combining technology with People Management led me to embrace a challenge as a Manager of Cloud Success Factors, focusing on creating value, experience, and people - from the Azores, to the world, at Azores Hive.
Fun Fact: For me, being an SAP Consultant is not a job, it's a lifestyle.


5.0 / 5.0 Rating on OutSystems Customers Reviews

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We’re always on the lookout for young, passionate professionals interested in digital technologies for the following roles:

Junior Consultant OutSystems
Junior Consultant TECH
Junior Consultant SuccessFactors (SF)


Office Address

Avenida D. João III nº33
Frações GI/GH, Edifício Pacífico, São Pedro
9500-789 Ponta Delgada
São Miguel - Azores

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